'Titanium' - 10 Rules for Managing Bad Days at the Office


Bad days at work. We all have them from time to time. Sometimes it seems like that bad day is recurring and turns from a bad day, into a bad week, or a bad quarter, or even a bad year. We're constantly being challenged. We're challenged by people, by deadlines, by bureaucracy, by office politics, and by systems seemingly outside of our control.

It can often be difficult to manage bad days while we're in the midst of experiencing them. I like to look at bad days as isolated issues that are a part of a larger whole; like a pizza. I deal with my bad days like pizza. I deal with once slice at a time. I've put together some of my favorite moment-managing rules that I live by. Hopefully they'll be helpful to you too!

Rule #1: Remember that there will always be another bad day. Learn how to manage your bad days now and thank yourself later.

Rule #2: Make it a habit when bad situations arise, to remove yourself from them temporarily. Physically remove yourself from the issue for at least 5 minutes. Go for a walk. Step outside. I personally like to go to the bathroom and lock myself in a stall. Take that five minutes, not to think, but to breathe. The intention is literally to relax.

Rule #3: Make friends with retrospect. Find the silver lining. It's always there, just maybe hidden under your anxiety, and contempt. For example, be thankful that you even have a job to be concerned with in a time when many struggle to find any employment at all.

Rule #4: Laugh! Find something to laugh at. Recall something to memory like a funny meme or GIF, even if it is silly. After all, laughter is the best medicine.   

Rule #5: Do not discuss your negative emotions with your coworkers. Discuss only facts if you feel the necessity to discuss anything at all.

Rule #6: Do not discuss anything until you have had time to calm down. Never speak out of anger, hurt, or pain. The message may get lost in the emotion.

Rule #7: Do not display your negative emotions. Always display a strong front. It may be hard, yes, but do it anyway. Steep your anger in class and elegance. It speaks well to your character. 

Rule #8: Do not hold grudges. Remember that your coworkers are people too. They have positions and interests to protect as well. Try not to take things personally. You're here for the business, so make sure to maintain your relationships.

Rule #9: Do not take your bad day home with you! Keep your home a positive safe space. Try to keep negative vibes outside. When you leave work, leave your issue there too; it will still be there tomorrow so there's no need to carry it out the door.. 

Rule: 10: Don't stress! The independent variable in your bad day is you. And, you are in complete control of you! 

Happy moment-managing!