'War' - The Key to Protecting Your Peace Pt.1


2017 was a whirlwind of a year for me. In trying to balance out an onslaught of adulting that was thrown my way after returning home from my stint in Shanghai, China, I ended up also battling heavily with my mind and emotions too. Among many other things that Anxiety tried to rob me of, it also made it very difficult for me to remain clear-headed at all times.

There were moments when I felt I’d bottomed out completely. I was foggy, groggy, cranky, filled with angst, and just emotionally un-balanced. 

During one of my particularly low moments I was able to grasp onto something. I realized that peace was at the helm of reaching true balance. There was no way for me to attain freedom from my anxiety without first accepting peace.

Protecting your peace means accepting what peace is and fighting to maintain it with your whole being. Sounds a bit oxymoronic doesn’t it?

Peace is…

a choice that we must make in every moment, as necessary.

Peace is a constant negotiation, “for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world… “

Peace is allowing yourself to make mistakes and forgiving yourself for making them.

Peace is also forgiving others; especially those whom you love, or who love you, yet may hurt you in spite of that.

Peace is deciding to go to bed with a clear conscience; with no malicious thoughts for the day you had, nor for the day ahead.  

Peace is resigning to the fact that you can only control YOU. You cannot control what life will throw at you, BUT, you have full control over your reaction(s) to it all.

Peace is choosing to find the happiness in all situations and unapologetically dismissing all negativity that tries to enter your space.

Peace is choosing to be humble at all times while still realizing your own self-worth.

Peace is also the absence of the demand to reaffirm your worth in the presence of others who may not value you.

Peace is realizing and accepting who you are and where you are right now.

Peace is also accepting the life-journey that you are on right now and trusting that process; even when it’s painful.

Peace is to be still…. to be patient…. to take your time in processing, adjusting, and deciding how to move forward.

...So protecting your peace means to understand and reaffirm peace in your life daily, and by any means necessary. Thus, it involves being active and present at all times too. What it doesn’t mean is that you will be a pushover. I guarantee that the way peace will ground you, no one will be able to shake you from your foundation.


Happy peace-protecting.