'The Climb' - The Continuous Journey to Self Acceptance


So far, my 29th year of life has been a year of self-acceptance. To date, I've spent the last 29.5 years figuring out who Shani is; what she likes, what makes her tick, what she will and won't deal with, what she can and can't do, and loving myself in spite of all those things.

The journey to self acceptance has been completely bittersweet. There have been terribly happy moments, and bouts of terribly depressive moments as well. 

A part of this continuous journey is to accept that I will always have to be accepting of myself. It is a constant motion. It doesn't just end at saying, "I am who I am".

I'll likely modify myself here or there, but fundamentally, I'm accepting the woman I have become and will continue to manifest into. 

Here's are 10 of some of the more challenging items I've had to accept about myself: 

1. I'm never going to have J Lo's hips or derriere without surgery.

2. I have awkwardly long-ish arms. 

3. I have crooked teeth that society will always think I should slap braces on.

4. My hair will never grow out of my head like Pocahontas'. (Sad, yes, but true.)

5. Anatomically I have a short torso and long legs. I'm basically built like a prepubescent boy with large boobs. Great. This means again, I'll never look like J Lo in a bathing suit.

6. I'm an introvert 80% of the time and thus, cannot get out of my own head. 

7. Im an extrovert 20% of the time and only when I decide I want to let that part of me be seen... I really do hate attention.

8. I love realllllyyyyy intensely, and selflessly to a fault. 

9. While introverted, I'm a fighter; also to a fault.

10. I'm wrong, a lot. 

If you haven't yet begun your journey to self acceptance, start. Amidst all the learning that we will ever go through, the greatest lesson in life will be learning to love ourselves. It can be quite the challenge, but isn't all negative, and is most rewarding. 

Happy self-hunting.