'War' - The Key to Protecting Your Peace Pt. 2


I left off in PT. 1 expressing that the key to peace, ultimately, is acceptance. What I didn’t discuss is how to accept; and it’s always easier said than done. 

To accept peace, you need to be resolute. You must invest in the truth. You must shift your time and energy into finding and grasping on to the positive side of the moment you are in; and there always is a positive side.

Here’s an example. I recently moved into a new space on my own. I’ve decided that this will be a safe space for me and for anyone who walks through my door. That being said, I need to create and protect that space and the peace within, right?

...Negative energies are real. Be careful where you meet them, and be even more careful not to carry them around with you... 

To protect my safe space I do something very intentional before I walk through the door. When I get home, from work or wherever the day has taken me, I sit in my car – and I sit there for a while before getting out and going inside.

I take time unpacking my day; thinking through the things that happened and intentionally releasing whatever negative energy I may be carrying into the atmosphere OUTSIDE of my condo.

I never bring it inside with me.  This is important. To resolve a negative moment,  it needs to be fully released. Let it go so you are free to grasp on to the positives instead. 

To illustrate; recently I had a rough day at work. I felt undervalued, overworked and unseen; we all do at some point or another. When I parked my car outside of the condo after work that evening, I thought about all the things that bothered me and then forced myself to let it go.  Then I intentionally unpacked the positives to be found in my situation. Most importantly, I have a job. I have a job that supports me in a way that allows me to be completely self-sufficient. That’s huge. It’s a blessing. And it’s not meant to be enjoyed in oblivion. 

So when the bad days come – and they will – know that they are there to humble and to remind us that we are often in positions that we need to be grateful for.

Go through your moments. Feel all the feels but be very intentional with where you allow those feelings to ruminate. There is a place for negative energy, but that place is out in the atmosphere where it can dissipate without latching on to something or someone else. Interrupt that negative cycle. Free yourself. 

Be intentional with your acceptance too. Choose to see the good. It's not always easy, but it will always bring you peace. Because, peace is balance. #protectyourpeace


Happy accepting,