'On the Road Again'


I visited my family in New York this past weekend. They aren't far from me here in Toronto, but I never seem to be able to carve enough time out to spend with them. 

I had an amazing time. We talked, we ate (I come from a family of amazing chefs), we shopped (obviously) and just spent time being a part of the city; taking her in. 

We ran errands in Yonkers, went on walks through Harlem, through the Upper East and West sides of Manhattan, and trekked through Hell's Kitchen...it was just great to take a minute outside of my usual. 

At some point during my short travel-stint I realized a few things:

  1. There's no price for the benefits of travelling and removing ourselves from our daily surroundings, even if only for a moment. We work so much; breaks are important.
  2. Travelling expands your mind and motivates you in insurmountable ways.
  3. Travelling is freeing and can be really relaxing if you just allow it to be. 
  4. You don't need to travel far, physically, to reap all its benefits. 

I come from a family of travelers. I do travel, but I know I definitely need to travel more; see new things; experience moments in different time zones. 

I'm adding more into my travel-budget this year. You should too.