'Nothing Compares 2 U' - The Importance of Surviving Heartbreak


Heartbreak. It happens. We mourn it like death. He was the one; I was sure. We were happy. We had plans. We were a team. We were supposed to get through this. We had spent so much time together...

Then come the sleepless nights, the incessant snacking, the self-deprecation  and then even more incessant thinking. What did I do wrong? How did this happen? Why did this happen? What next? How will I ever find another?

While heartbreak sucks, and there's never a good way to soften its blow, what we can often fail to realize in the moment is how important heartbreak is for our growth and maturity. 

Heartbreak is one of those lessons that I believe you actually have to experience. You can't truly understand it through someone else's eyes. You have to feel it for yourself. And I'll also argue that you can't truly appreciate love until you've had your heart broken. 

The thing is, if you let it, and you should, heartbreak can teach you so many amazing things. It can teach you resilience, self-love, determination, and patience. It has the power to teach you so much more, but those are my favourites.

Resilience - you learn to get back up again....and again....and again.....with the hope, and faith, that you'll eventually walk and be just fine.

Self-love - you lean how amazing you are and how much more amazing you can be. Then you can take that knowledge to make self-improvement goals for yourself. 

Determination - you learn to keep loving until love loves you back. Refuse to let go of love, and you'll begin to truly understand what love is. 

Patience - you learn that heartbreak is a journey. There are stages that you just can't rush through. You have to feel all the feels as they say; go through the motions. 

Call me a masochist, but I have massive amounts of appreciation for heartbreak. I'm a survivor of many and a regretter of none. Although I'm in no rush, I look forward to my next love-lesson, even if it stings a little. 

Happy Surviving.