'I Think I'll Call it Morning' - 3 Steps to Having Better Days


Full disclosure: I was born a morning person, and I love them and all the passions they inspire. 

Some find mornings to be tough. We're tired. We're overworked and underpaid. Our bodies are exhausted from the long hours. We just need "another minute".

But arguably,  mornings are the most important part of your day. They are the beginning. They are your fresh start. They are your tabula rasa. They are your "start button". So, let them be beautiful.

As you open your eyes for the new day, greet your morning in these three ways and learn to see your mornings in light and love. 

  1. Be thankful for 3 things that happened yesterday
  2. Be thankful for 3 things that will happen today
  3. Promise to accept this day however she chooses to unfold. 

Be mindful in your thoughts. There's freedom in positive thinking. Free your mind and have amazing mornings and days from now until forever more.