'Any Colour You Like' - Dealing With Decision-Making-Anxiety


I should start carrying around a magic 8 ball so I never have to  choose anything ever again. I'd like to be absolved of all decision-making duties. I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels anxiety or apathy when having to consider certain decisions.

Decision-making is probably my least favorite task in life. I like to delegate the most simple of decisions to whomever I'm with when those situations arise, or I procrastinate in making the decision until it doesn't matter any more. No judging! I know I'm not the only one. 

Don't ask me where, or what to eat.....I don't know and I don't care (in a good way). I'm not a foodie, and I will find something yummy on any menu...or in any fridge; promise. 

Don't ask me what to do or where to go on vacation... I'll do anything and go anywhere! Just getting out of town for a while is good enough and fulfilling enough for me. 

Here's my advice to those who loath decision making as much as I do.  

Choose the path of least resistance and the most honesty. Decipher which decisions are purely up to you to decide alone from which ones are more collaborative. 

If a decision is solely up to you then do some due diligence. Be intentional in your thoughts. Take the time necessary to make a solid decision and then deal with the outcome, whether good or bad. Chose to buy that new LV and now can't pay rent? At least you'll be hot and homeless...... #retrospect. 

If a decision is more collaborative then defer to the others involved to deliberate. Let them know that you're okay with whatever decision they decide. Stay neutral. If the other individuals insist on your input, then give it! Put yourself in their shoes and give an honest answer if you were them. Be a team player.

Happy decision-making,