'Eye of the Tiger' - 3 Ways to Maximize your Down Time


How many times has this happened where you've allotted a certain amount of time to complete a certain task, but finish early, end up wasting your precious extra time sleeping or doing nothing, and then regretting it later? 

Oh I really should have done...........
And I really needed to............... 
Ugh, I really wish I'd..................

There's incredible power to be harnessed in surprise down time, but what's the best way utilize that time without wasting it? Obviously, while it comes unexpectedly and is uncalled for, you cannot possibly know for certain when you'll get the same opportunity again. You should use the time wisely. 

There are a few tricks you can immediately move on so that you can remain organized when you're faced with the amazing gift of extra time. Try them out so you aren't left wasting time, or wondering what to do next when your moment arrives. 

1. Recognize the moment early. Acknowledging that you have additional time to spare immediately will help you stay focused, and prepared. 

2. Have a reminder list handy. Keep a to-do list of items that you need to get done, but haven't necessarily had the time to tackle. Store that list close by, in your phone. This will save you from wasting time trying to figure out what needs to get done. You'll be less frustrated and anxious trying to sort yourself out in the moment. 

3. Prioritize your responsibilities. Take a look at your to-do list and prioritize what needs to get done immediately. Then assess whether or not it can be completed in the amount of down time you have left, and from the location where you are at the time. Not every task on your list is detrimental or practical at this time. Choose wisely. 

4. Go! Don't waste more time considering. Get a move on actioning your list. Even if you  are only able to knock one item off the list you had, you'll have completed something. 

Happy organizing!