Mask Off - I'm Coming Clean Pt.1


I'll start by admitting that 2017 has mostly been an erratic year. There's been a lot of breaking. So far, I've broken a lot, and I've been broken a lot; all thanks to the truth. 

Coming clean is important because it holds the key to releasing your soul. I've never felt more free in my life than this year, although it's been filled with a lot of disruption up to this point. 

In coming clean you learn a lot about yourself, and the person(s) whom you come clean to. You learn who's there to support you in your errors, and/or who is there to reciprocate the love you've shown in vulnerable moments. 


I came clean to a friend last week. I told her I thought she was an amazing human being, I told her why, and I told her why she was so integral in my life. Our relationship had been rocky for a while, but amidst our rough moment, it was still important for her to know how much she meant to me.

Last week I also came clean to my mother, and I told her something that had been pressing on my heart. Although I knew it may have hurt her, it was also equally important for her to know. It didn't go over well, and it definitely hurt her, but we got past it. 

Now coming clean doesn't mean going HAM and telling everyone everything that's on your mind at all times. Remember, the truth is relative. Your truth might not be someone else's, so tread lightly. Your truth is just that; yours. 

It also doesn't mean bearing your soul about the things that only bother you. Coming clean is about being vulnerable too, and sharing the lovely things about this life that deserve more attention.

Always tell the truth in love and with as much kindness as there is oxygen to breathe. Be wise and discern when the timing is right and then let it out. Put the truth in the atmosphere and deal with whatever happens next.

Don't hoard too many things in your heart and soul. Set them free so they can do the same for you. So now.....

The person who's been troubling your soul - tell them

The person whom you love - tell them 

The person who's your person - tell them

The person who needs to know they're veering in the wrong direction - tell them

The person who needs to know they'll be okay - tell them

The person who hurt you - tell them

To yourself, about yourself - tell yourself the truth

Speak up. Life isn't "short" as they say, but every waking minute does unequivocally matter.


Happy coming clean.