'Just Kickin' It' - Prioritizing the Importance of Spending Time Alone


I had a crazy journey to work this morning. Actually, it'll be be crazy for the next few months because my usual simple route has now been disrupted, which has added 20 minutes onto my existing 70 minute journey to my job; the job, might I add, that isn't on my career path at all, and is completely out of my way. I digress. 

Anyway, I got through my morning snafu with more grace than should be given to Monday mornings and I'll attribute this to the fact that I disappeared for a solid 24 hours this weekend and returned more relaxed and ready to take the world on, than ever.

24 hours isn't much time, no, but it was totally worth it. Friday afternoon, I decided I needed to withdraw for a minute; I needed some r 'n' r. So, I booked a 60 minute massage for the next day, and also planned a route for a leisurely 20km bicycle ride including a little stop-over at High Park to see the cherry blossoms. On Saturday morning, I woke up, put my phone on 'do-not-disturb' and tapped out, so to speak.

Our society and culture is filled with so much, dare I say, over mental stimulation.  There's always something to see, someone to accidentally bump into, an email to read, street-meat to smell, a car to watch out for, a bicycle to watch out for, or a national/international crisis to hear about on the radio. 

So it is that our minds are constantly running, planning the next move, thinking, or on stand-by patiently waiting. And as the powerful machines they are, our minds, like all other machines, need to power down every once in a while and take a break. 

So that's exactly what I did. But what did I actually end up doing with my 24 hour tap-out? None of the overly stimulating things I'd originally planned for myself. I decided to have no plans and instead allow my soul and heart to lead to the day. 

I netflixed and chilled, alone. I popped a bottle of wine, and danced naked in my kitchen to 70s classics, alone. I slept. I napped after I'd slept.  I ate Friday's leftovers and napped again, alone. I sang at the top of my lungs to Avril Lavigne, this time the dogs next door chimed in. Then, I popped some corn and cried like a baby to Titanic for the umpteenth time.... also alone. 

It was glorious. 

Sometimes you need to tap-out. Sometimes you need to disappear. Sometimes you need to spend time with yourself and allow your mind and body time to reset from the constant stimulation around you. 

So schedule yourself some free time, however that may look for you. Time that is for you where you aren't 'adulting'. Just real, pure, justified relaxation. Spending time alone is an important skill that we can all take more time developing and nurturing. You'll be better for it. 

Happy relaxing,






*Photo Cred: Una Z <www.unazhu.com>