'Empire State of Mind' - How to Stay on Track with your Goals PT. 1


Goals. The final frontier......

We all have them. We make them consistently. We are driven by them. Goals help us stay motivated and in constant motion. They give us a reason to continue moving under sometimes difficult circumstances. Some goals are necessitated by life itself; for example, find somewhere to live and afford rent. Yet other goals are driven in tandem by our personal interests; live downtown Toronto in a one bedroom condo with amenities, and afford rent. Our personal interests can clearly add a level of complexity to our existing goals. 

The problem isn't necessarily setting the goal; that part's easy. Just say you're going to do something, right? Wrong. The problem lies in how we action our goals. How do we actually visualize completing the goal itself; literally? 

My bestie's birthday was yesterday and as a part of her birthday 'gift' she asked her dinner attendees complete a task that I'll simplify for you here:

  1. Take fifteen minutes and write down a very specific goal on a piece of paper.(It can be something like the exact number of pounds you'd like to lose, or how many nights and hours a week you'd like to spend writing and editing your personal blog :D )
  2. Put the piece of paper where you can visualize it daily (I taped mine to my bathroom wall)
  3. Read it daily. 

The idea is to be intentional with your goals. First write them. Then read them daily. Let them be a part of your daily train of thought. As your mind tries to wander on to other perhaps less pressing items, it will eventually circle back to the plans you've written down. 

I also write my goals on my bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker. This is something I've been doing since last year. Every time I wash my hands, brush my teeth, do my eyebrows, etc., I see my goals. I can't escape them. I know what I have to do. I know what I've promised myself, and integrity is key. Seeing my goals, especially first thing in the morning, really helps to keep me on track. 

Step one to getting closer to completing your goal is CONCEPTUALIZE --> VISUALIZE in writing. 

Happy goal setting!