'Wide Open Spaces' - The Power of an Expansive Mind


I like to reference what I call having an expansive mind. There's freedom in the growth that happens there. Think about it, the more expanse there is, the more room there is for movement. Simple, right?

This weekend I had the pleasure of overseeing my best friend's brick and mortar in the Junction. (Aside; there's something to be said for women entrepreneurs. She's an absolute queen and I love watching her build and grow her business. #shamelessplug go visit her at www.madebymadrigal.com).

Throughout the days, I watched as passersby became walk-ins via the good vibes they heard at the entrance....I can't lie, my playlists are pure gold and I had the front doors wide open due to the good weather. Some of those passersby even became friends and new business-connections.

I met a music producer, an actress,  a recording artist, an animator from Nickelodeon, an aristocrat (seriously), many new moms, and someone who came in just to chat because the music was great and ended up purchasing a macrame plant-holder.   

By the end of the day I was overloaded with inspiration and motivation. All the amazing conversations I had had planted nurturing seeds of movement and light towards my career goals; because I chose to view my day as being an expansive one and took the first step.

An expansive mind allows us to get past our selves and be open to the possibilities that lie outside of our selves. An expansive mind is one who chats up the indie-store owner and learns of their background and career path.

An expansive mind asks the CEO at work out for a coffee break to discuss life-work-balance. An expansive mind engages their clients instead of trying to sell to their clients.An expansive mind reaches beyond its comfort zone every now and again for a little stretch. And who knows how big we can grow. 

Happy Expanding!