'Spotless Mind' - Accepting the Inevitability of Change


I'm a musician, a vocalist, and one of my favourite lyrics is from one of my favourite artists, Jhene Aiko. In the song I love, she opens by effortlessly singing the line, "Change is inevitable. Why hang on to what you have to let go of". So simple right? I love what she says for two reasons. 

  1. It forces me to ask myself, why. Why keep emotional ties to something that was only temporary? Why lament over negative things that happen? What is the reason? Is it to mourn the loss? Okay, but even mourning eventually adhere's to a time limit. Holding on seems like such an unnecessary waste of energy, no?
  2. It forces me to be reminded that change is not concerned with the likes of neither you, nor I. Change, like time, waits for no one. Change is going to happen whether or not you like it. What you are in control of is WHETHER OR NOT YOU LIKE IT. You can only change the way you perceive and deal with the inevitable beast.

From deaths, to difficult moments at work, to awkward moments with friends, to a missed period, to hospital visits, to breaking 5 nails (my nails are to die for, and they're real too), to losing the pendant on my late grandmother's necklace that I've had since I was a child, to never ending sleepless nights, I've been having a pretty crazy April.

I thought for a moment that I'd been receiving bad karma for something wrong that I must have done. I was certain that it was all my fault. I started to internalize the moments; lament over them; over think them. Then I realized... 

I'm being shaken up. I'm experiencing, and living though an extremely change-filled moment in my life. 

But, change is not only okay, it is not just necessary. Change is inevitable. Accepting that change is inevitable is what we have issues with. So, Accept that death happens; accept that your health can change for the better or worse; accept that there are expiration dates on certain relationships in your life. 

I'll also challenge you not to fear change and not to get angry with change. Change isn't here for you; change is here regardless. You are here for change. Change can work in your favour, yes, but it isn't necessarily intended to. It is what it is. 

So, embrace the moments of change in your life as they come. Challenging as they may be, use them as tools for your growth as you are on your life-journey. Keep going. Press on. 

Happy Changing,




Photo Cred: Una Z <www. unazhu.com>