'Umbrella' - How Your Friendship-Circle Determines Your Growth


You know the saying, 'birds of a feather, flock together'. You've heard it a million times at the very least. Well here's some reinforcement for that statement. 

You may be a leader. You may be strong. You may even be very successful. But I will tell you this; you need support to grow, and to continue growing. You can't do it alone, and your growth margin is directly correlated to the type of friends you keep. 

Your friends should support you, love you, and want nothing more than the best for you. They should tell you when you're making mistakes. They should take you out for dinner when you've had a terrible day. They should ask you about your career-goals and how you plan on achieving them. They should offer their help when they can. 

Your friends should challenge you and drive you toward your greatest potential. Your friends should call you out when you're slipping up. Your friends should be your accountability ambassadors, reminding you that you that you set a goal to lose 5 pounds so maybe an extra slice of cake right now isn't the best choice......

When you love yourself, and I hope you already do, you want the best for yourself. Your friends are here to assist you in your self-loving journey too. I was having a challenging day yesterday, my bestie didn't know, but she stopped me as we walked to tell me how beautiful I am. I needed that reminder in that very moment. 


Think about plants and their growing environments. They can grow just about anywhere. However, it is much more difficult for a tree to grow through concrete or rocks, with limited access to the sun, and with little rain, than it is for that same tree to grow through rich and supportive soil, with lots of sunlight, and enough rain. #facts You need friends that can be your sun, your rain, and your green-thumbed-care-taker from time to time. 

So put yourself in the best of fertilized soil. Remove yourself from unhealthy environments that don't support your need to grow. You'll thank yourself later.