'(500 Miles)' How to Stay on Track with your Goals PT. 2


So. We've already gotten through step 1, which is to conceptualize and visualize your goals daily, so they become a part of your daily thought-routine and process. 

Now you're officially ready to action your goal. Your process is already in motion; you've prepped and primed your mind for the journey. What's next?

1. Investigate: Ask yourself a few questions - are there others trying to attain this goal or something similar? How have they been successful? How have they not been successful? What are some areas of improvement in the examples that you've found? Research!

Although yours will be very different, learn from the journey of others who have tried. Once you've collected a few ideas, choose one that suits your need, or create a plan that suits your need. Choosing may be the difficult part, but remember that your journey to the finish line will be a learning process with tons of curves. Learn from your curves, adjust, and keep going. You don't have to have a perfect plan to begin. Things change. 

2. Organize: Make sure to put your investigative finds into a place where you can readily access them. Get a goal-notebook. Create a folder on your computer and make a shortcut for it on your desktop. Put it in the cloud so you can reach it anywhere. 

Remember, at this point you already have a tangible marker that you'll be working toward; either a date, some numerical signifier, or a combination of both. 

Now go! You've conceptualized and visualized, and you've investigated and organized. You have all the tools necessary to begin moving forward. The only thing that will ever hold you back, is you. 

Happy actioning!