Masterpiece - 10 Things My Bestie Taught Me About Womanhood


Going through life as a girl has its challenges. First of all, we have to sit (or squat depending on the unsavoury circumstance) to pee. We have to worry about panty lines, or constant wedgies from thongs. Then there's that whole menstrual thing; managing it, and making sure it doesn't ruin our day.... or our favourite dress....again.... So yes it's tough, but it's also great to have someone in your corner who can help lead the way. Check these ten life rules I learned from my bestie. 

1. Be graceful - Life is going to throw a lot of curve balls. Learn to be graceful in your resilience. 

2. Let go - Don't hold grudges. As the opposite sex, we have enough on our shoulders as it is. The less unnecessary baggage we carry around, the better. Live your life. 

3. Know who you are - Don't let anyone confuse you, who you are, or who you are meant to be. 

4. Know what love isn't. We putter around always trying to figure out what love is, but also be equally aware of what love isn't, how to recognize it, and how to walk away from its imposters. 

"You've got to learn to leave the table when love's no longer being served." - Nina Simone

5. Always keep your hands pretty - The way you look is a direct reflection of who you are. Own it. Present yourself as well as you can under your circumstances. Take pride in looking your best.  

6. Love and accept who you are - That is your greatest journey. You aren't perfect. Know that your imperfections are okay, and learn how to maneuver through life with them. 

7. Be wise - Being wise is not about being smart. Being wise is about being able to discern right from wrong in tricky situations. 

8. Be humble - Know that while you are special, you are not indispensable. Be grateful for what you have, and also what you don't have. You're amazing, but stay down to earth. Things can go from better to worse in an instant... 

9. Be virtuous - Don't just set the standard; be the standard. Don't give in to peer pressures. Be strong. Again, remember who you are. 

10. Know your rights -  Have the courage to speak out. You have a voice. Use it. Be offensive and assertive when you need to. Don't expect change if you aren't willing to be a soldier.  

All that being said, thanks mom. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor.